Currently the Deer Park Fire Company Rehab Unit operates two pieces of apparatus and has begun the restoration of our first fire apparatus, a 1939 Mack Model 40S open cab front mount pumper. Of the 67 of this type built we have been unable to locate another one like it.

Rehab 1385

The main Rehab unit 1385 is a 2004 Freightliner MT55 with a Cummins diesel engine and Allison automatic transmission. During the design process the chassis was upgraded to a higher horsepower engine, heavier gross weight, and air brakes. The body of the truck was built by Union City Body based in Indiana. The body and chassis were fabricated and then shipped to Hammonton, NJ for final outfitting by Custom Mobile Foods, Inc. This was the first purpose built fire department Rehab truck built by this company. The unit can carry up to 6 crew members, 4 in captain’s style seating in the cab area and two fold down seats in the rear. The two rear seats can also be used for crew rest and for fire fighters that need to get inside out of the weather.


1385 curb side showing awning, serving window and shelf

1385 Left side view showing generator enclosure, water fills.


Rear view showing restroom door, compartments, and lighting

Interior of 1385 work and preparation area


Typical Rehab shelter area setup used for cooling

Typical fire ground Rehab area set-up


Drivers side Rehab area set-up

Support Vehicle 1388

This vehicle is a 2003 Ford E350 passenger van powered by a 7.3L Power stroke diesel engine, automatic transmission, heavy duty tow package, and A/C. This unit also has a 16 channel mobile and portable radio and full warning light and siren package and a rear traffic director light bar LED system.

This vehicle is currently third due on all Rehab assignments. It is used to ferry additional supplies and manpower to the emergency scene, as well as for crew changes, re-supply runs, and company business.


1388 in engine room bay

1388 rear view


1385 and 1388 at 3rd alarm fire Pennsauken NJ

1388 rear view with equipment slide out tray


Apparatus Name

Support 1388 is outfitted with a 50’ x 77’ slide out two shelf tray so that the following additional equipment can be stored and carried.

Utility 1386 Sold to Newbold Fire Department, Rhinelander, Wisconsin – September 2013.

This is the latest piece of apparatus obtained by Rehab 13. This 11′ walk around rescue truck was purchased from a private individual that purchased same from the Mitchell Hose Company of Burlington City, NJ. This 1991 Ford Super Duty with diesel power had less than 9000 miles on it when we spotted it on a web page search. The truck was completely gone over by the Cherry Hill Fire Department shop and had new brakes, tires, shocks, belts, wiper blades, glow plugs, water pump, thermostat, new polyurethane compartment coating, and other “wear” items replaced. This unit will run as the 2nd due rehab support unit behind Rehab 1385, and will also be available for lighting and Haz Mat support assignments.

It is equipped with the following:

6 KW Honda gasoline generator
2000 Watt remote light tower
(2) 500 Watt lights on rear step, telescoping
Garmin Street Pilot 2720 GPS unit
Motorola Portable and mobile radios
Motorola Nextel phone for 2 way private communications
Spare gasoline in safety cans for generator refueling
Additional traffic cones
Additional folding chairs
95″ x 40″ slide out tray in rear compartment, 2000 lb rating
2 10′ x 10′ EZ Up light weight shelters
Buckets for active cooling
Mister fan and 9 gallon resevoir
3 HD cord reels
(1) smoke ejector fan for HI-CFM air movement
(1) Air supported 216 sq. ft. Zumro tent
One heating unit and one A/C unit for shelter
Additional blankets
Additional towels
Additional water
Additional Gatorade
(1) 3A40BC dry chemical fire extinguisher
Tool Box
Collapsible trash can and liners
Additional towels
Spare socks for on scene personnel
Additional non-perishable food supplies
(1) large cooler with room to transport additional pre-iced coolers to the scene of an incident
Miscellaneous seasonal supplies as the weather dictates.


1386 driver side view with light tower and rear lighting in use

1386 driver side rear view


Rehab 1386

The Deer Park Fire Company d.b.a. Rehab 13 took delivery of a new apparatus that will take the place of the 1991 Ford Super Duty walk around rescue that had been in service since 2006.

The new unit was built by Custom Mobile Equipment, of Hammonton, NJ. (which is the same company that built our 1st out unit – Rehab 13 – 1385).

The new rig is a 2013 Freightliner with a 16’ van box supplied by Utilimaster. This truck was outfitted with a Cummins Diesel engine, Allison Automatic Transmission, Onan 12KW “quiet run” generator and all roll up doors by R.O.M., with LED lighting all around, and A/C in the cab and crew area which will be used for rehabilitation of members on the incident scene when conditions warrant.

The vehicle is the first rescue type vehicle built by Custom and includes a 5 person crew area, a 27 cubic foot freezer, and about (4) times the compartment space as the unit it replaced.

With the new 1386 carrying spare food in the freezer we will not have to leave the incident scene for additional supplies in about 90% of the runs we handle which makes operations much more efficient.

With the new 1386 carrying spare food in the freezer we will not have to leave the incident scene for additional supplies in about 90% of the runs we handle which makes operations much more efficient.

The 6 X 750 W Command Light Tower will also be a great asset in supplying lighting for the incidents we respond to; and with the hi-intensity LED scene lights on all (4) sides of the vehicle has greatly increased our scene lighting capabilities.

Stop by our station for a look if you are interested. Call us at 856-424-1380 if you’d like to take a tour or are interested in membership in our now ten year old Rehab unit.


Front view of 1386

3/4 quarter view driver’s side 1386


Driver’s side view 1386

3/4 view officer’s side 1386


1386 left rear view

1388M and Trailer

In 2008 Rehab 13 purchased and placed into service a Kawasaki 4010 4 wheel drive off road vehicle and trailer. The UTV has a roof and a windshield and has two rows of seats with a cargo bed in the rear for the transporation of coolers and equipment. The rear seat can be folded down and the rear cargo area can be doubled in size to carry additional equipment and or even a SKED or Stokes basket in the event of an on scene injury. The “Mule” has been equiped with amber warning lights (hi-intensity LED’s) and can achieve a maximum speed of 25 MPH. This unit will be towed by Utility 1388 to any scene that requires it use. Some examples will be large building fires, multiple alarm fires, interstate highway indidents, any structure fire off road such as a barn, and or any incidnet requiring Rehab members the ability to deliver food and liquids to a wide area where Rehab 1385 cannot access due to its size. If you have an incident involving a large area, search, or have a need to transport food and supplies off ros give us a call.


Front view of new 2008 Kawasaki Mule

Side view of the standard seating arrangement with both seats in the upright position


Rear of Mule showing tailgate and lettering

1939 Mack Pumper Serial # 4002

This antique is currently undergoing a minor cosmetic restoration and we will be seeking donations for a complete restoration in the near future. The truck was purchased in August of 1948 from the Cheltenham Hook and Ladder Company of Cheltenham Township, PA. It remained in front line service well into the late 1970’s when it was placed on reserve status by the purchase of modern apparatus.

According to the Mack Museum the truck was built in 1938 on an “E” chassis but was not titled until 1939. It has a 75 HP in line six cylinder engine with a four speed manual transmission. Its original 300 gallon booster tank has been replaced with a 150 gallon tank to save wear and tear on the drive train and brakes.

A full repaint, rewiring, and minor engine overhaul was performed in the early 1980’s. This engine won many awards at various parades that it attended during that time period. Recently it was removed from storage and is being put back in shape by a dedicated team of members of the fire department that want to preserve it for future generations.

We will continue to work on the engine while funds are raised so that the “Little Mack” can receive the complete frame off restoration that will put it back into a condition worthy of its age and rarity.

If you care to donate to the Restoration fund, please follow our PayPal link on the home page. Your generous support is very much appreciated


As delivered photo from 1939

The Little Mack after 1980’s restoration


Little Mack at a parade in 1975

Front right view 1939 Mack


Rear view of 1939 Mack